AI HD Anime, High-Definition With One Click, Reproduce the Beauty of Details

AI HD Anime utilizes advanced AI technology to provide anime fans with an online, free, and fast high-definition image conversion service. Experience delicate picture quality and relive classic anime moments in just a few simple steps.



AI HD Anime's Cutting-Edge AI Manga Restoration Technology

APISR (Anime Production Inspired Real-World Anime Super-Resolution) is a technology specifically designed for super-resolution (SR) of anime images. This technology aims to address the limitations of existing methods that are primarily based on techniques developed for real-world photographs. By deeply analyzing the anime production process, APISR leverages the unique characteristics of anime to optimize the super-resolution process for anime images.

AI-Driven Super-Resolution
Utilizing APISR technology, specifically designed for the unique characteristics of anime images, we significantly enhance image clarity and restore delicate details through super-resolution processing.
Real-Time Online Conversion
No need to wait for lengthy processing times. Through our online platform, users can quickly upload images and instantly obtain high-definition anime results.
Seamlessly Integrated API Dataset
Leveraging the Anime Production-oriented Image (API) dataset, we ensure that every conversion is based on the highest quality and information-rich anime frames.
Free and Hassle-Free Experience
We provide a completely free service for all anime enthusiasts. Enjoy high-definition anime image conversion without the need for registration or subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service completely free?

Yes, our basic service is completely free. In the future, we will launch a premium package to provide users with a faster generation experience and the ability to view generation history.

Will my uploaded data be saved?

No. To protect user privacy, we do not store any user-uploaded data. Once the super-resolution processing is complete, it is deleted from our servers.

Can I view the generation history with the free version?

Free version users cannot currently view the generation history. We recommend upgrading to the premium package to unlock this feature.

If I encounter copyright issues while using the service, will your site be held responsible?

Users are responsible for the copyright of the content they upload. We provide a technical service platform and do not assume copyright liability for the content generated.